New Loose Eye Shadow Colors

If there’s one thing I know about Sugarpill’s intensely pigmented loose eye shadows, it’s this: you can’t have too many of them. Just hearing that Sugarpill had come out with new shades filled me with an instantaneous shadow-lust, and once I got my claws on them, you know I was in the bathroom for hours trying everything on. The color payoff is stupendous, and at $13 – $14 a pop (and vegan, too!), these eye shadow jars are more than generously sized. Check out some of the popular new shades below!

This is a 60’s pink babydoll nightgown of a color! It’s sparkly, too, but subtly so. Once on my (white girl) eyelids, Charmy looks fairly natural, if my natural state involved “glimmery angel skin.” I brushed this color on up to my crease and went about my day. No one said, “Whoa that is a crazy color, Krista!” at work, but the guy who fills the soda machine said I had “nice eyes” and he usually won’t even say hello, so I’m chalking it up to the charms of Charmy.

Goooood name. Countess is a warm, eggplant color with tiny flecks of aqua glints, and let me tell you: the color payoff is HUGE. One swipe of Countess and my lids were saturated with color. It’s a sexy, evil-looking color to wear out at night, and I used it to make a smoky eye with a purplish twist. My girlfriend stole this one from me immediately. I recognized it on her eyelids when she played a show with her band, two nights after I first tried it. OH I’M GETTING IT BACK, trust.

Hot, shimmery turquoise! Hug Life is a like a day by the pool in Palm Springs inside a little pot. It’s almost green, and the shimmer really does look like a pool on a vintage postcard. This would be fabulous if you were going for a 70’s disco after-dark look.

HOT DAMN. The moment I saw this outrageously shiny metallic copper, I yelled, “WHERE’S MY DURALINE?” and tore my makeup bag apart looking for the makeup product that could take Penelope to the next level. If you don’t already know: Inglot’s Duraline can transform any loose powder into an eyeliner, and that’s what I did with this super glimmery copper. Twenty seconds later, I had copper cat eyes that would not quit. Penelope is hotttttt.

Holy Ghost | $13 | Shop it