This Realtor Came Highly Recommended

I looked at the website of a realtor in Denver not long ago because I was frustrated with apartment living. When my wife and I moved here to Colorado a year ago, we both thought we would be happy living in an apartment because it is a luxury apartment complex. We thought we would enjoy not having to take care of a yard or maintenance issues, but we discovered that we actually missed having a nice yard as well as a lot more privacy. We talked about it and figured that we would both be a lot happier if we moved into a home instead of renewed our lease on the apartment for a second year.

I had no desire to look for the right house on my own, which is why I asked around to find out who the best realtor is in the area. Two people both told me about their experience purchasing a home through their realtor, and I wanted to have the same kind of positive experience. I looked at his website before contacting him though, to make sure that I felt comfortable with doing business with him.

His website looked great, and I liked that he handled luxury homes, as that is definitely what we wanted. My first meeting with him was very productive. We already knew that we wanted a three bedroom house with a few extras. The one thing my wife definitely wanted was a loft area that overlooks into the living room, so I was not sure how long it would take to find a house with that feature. When he told me that he had three on the market that fit all our other requirements, we looked at each one of them within a few days. The last one is the one that we both liked, and it is the one that we now call home. I can see why this realtor came so highly recommended!